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Strategy, experience and effectiveness

Professional Liability, Art Insurance and the management of Affinity Group policies are areas where, we have been adding “know-how” and experience accumulated over the years.

Through a strategy of utilising niche markets we have reached a leading positions in several fields where we are active affirming our status as a brokers of key companies and large industrial groups.

We use the most advanced technologies as a work tool. We react effectively to the evolution of the modern world, responding in real time to our customers' problems.
We provide a global and adaptable service, developing complementary tools to our core business that allows us to offer a range of services suited to the needs of our customers, such as a telephone service platform that allows the customer to define logistical procedures for their fleet in claims, maintenance, replacement vehicle or breakdown, regardless of the operating rental company.

Maintenance and claims are registered, providing a large amount of statistical information, allowing to precisely identify the areas that may be subject to savings. Claims management is a critical link that constitutes a key step in building customer loyalty.


We know that the business sector is very diverse and has multiple challenges with regard to protection needs.

At Secose we analyse business specifics to present the most suitable solutions for the type and size of risk and other important factors. From our experience we have very diverse solutions that go beyond more generic protections such as assets, liabilities and employees, reaching other business areas such as sports associations, professional bodies, and schools.


At Secose, we know the importance of the family, their protection and safety

To ensure that you will be protected when unforeseen events happens, we work every day to present you with the solutions that ensure the best protection for you and your family at any stage of life. We have several solutions ranging from personal insurance to property and liability insurance.