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Since 1990, we have developed our business through a constant search for original and innovative proposals in various areas of insurance.

Secose’s model has allowed a steady and consolidated growth, offering a cutting-edge position that guarantees the maintenance of high levels of customer satisfaction. Specialised in the management of insurance portfolios, in the analysis and prevention of risks arising from the activity, we seek to establish a bridge between the interests of clients and the insurance market

Rigour, relationship, trust.

At Secose, as an independent broker, we are guided by an uncompromising approach in defending the interests of our clients, that is reflected in the long-standing relationship with the vast majority of our clients.

We have a team of highly competent professionals, who face each challenge with confidence and the certainty that we will always find the ideal solution for each individual need of our customers.

Rigour, the appreciation of the client's requirements and the confidence in the effectiveness of the proposed models are principles that have always governed our performance.

Innovative and original solutions

We seek to respond to client's changing needs with innovative and original solutions, through a relationship of complicity and total availability. This allows us to articulate their interests to the insurance market, and adopting different working practices that respond to a constantly changing world.


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In order to guarantee that we present more sophisticated solutions than those already present in the Portuguese insurance market, we value international partnerships with several independent brokers, ensuring regular contact with the main European markets.
Our status with Lloyd’s of London, allows us to present original and competitive compared with the more conventional proposals from the local market.